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Warranty on recovery - 2 years
More than 20 years of experience
VIP premium department
Recovery efficiency - 75%
Recovery steps
1. Initial consultation with a specialist in treatment programs
Phone consultation is possible at any time of the day. The client tells the specialist about the problem, the specialist explains how the treatment process will go, offers options for suitable treatment programs and tell the prices. Often people with addiction do not realize or minimize their problem. The specialist explains how to properly motivate your loved one to treat a particular situation.
2. Doctor's consultation
Initial consultation of a doctor in the clinic

The doctor collects a preliminary history, assesses the emotional and physical condition of the patient, talks about methods of treating addiction. If the addicted person does not recognize his problem and refuses to go to the clinic, the doctor can conduct persuasion therapy. In 90% of cases, our doctors manages the situation. It is possible to call a car for transfer from the airport / house / train station in Moscow.
3. Admission to the clinic and hospitalization
Admission and subsequent hospitalization are carried out in the private narcological clinic "Marshak Clinic". We guarantee complete anonymity, guided by the approved Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of August 23, 1999. No. 327 "On anonymous treatment in institutions (units)"

During the reception, laboratory and instrumental studies are carried out, then the doctor collects a preliminary history, assesses the emotional and physical condition of the patient, selects and prescribes a course of treatment in our center, medicines and procedures.
4. Detox
If necessary, in the first days after admission, the patient undergoes a detoxification process to relieve the withdrawal syndrome and remove harmful substances from the body. The procedure is carried out under the supervision of a doctor and a nurse around the clock.
For detoxification, our treatment center uses the most advanced medications. Possible UBD (ultrafast detoxification)
5. Treatment and diagnostic program
Duration: 7 days

Purpose: restoration of all vital functions, stopping the pathological attraction of "craving", the formation of motivation for recovery and the development of an individual maximum effective treatment and rehabilitation
6. Doctors concilium
Doctors hold a concilium: chief physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, geneticist, neurologist, cardiologist

Purpose: development of an individual treatment program based on genetic analysis (DNA diagnostics), clinical analyzes, psychological diagnostics. An opinion is issued for the patient, which describes the results of genetic analysis, diagnosis of complications of addiction and psychological tests, genetic studies, recommendations on diet and Kinesiogenic therapy
7. Treatment and rehabilitation program
Duration: from 14 days. Can take place completely in the hospital or be day / night / outpatient

An individual treatment program is applied.
Pharmacogenetics (drugs selected according to the results of gene analysis), hardware methods - Alfa Oxy Spa, VLOK, UFOK, BOS-therapy, psychotherapeutic methods, physiotherapy, CGT, thematic lectures, family sessions with relatives, treatment of addiction, individual diet to normalize neurotransmitter of balance
8. Outpatient care and support
An outpatient program recommended after treatment.

An outpatient program is necessary so that the patient is as comfortable as possible to return to everyday life. After returning to the familiar atmosphere, a person may again have a desire to use. In this case, a session with a psychologist on an agreed schedule, mini-groups AA and AN in the center for addiction treatment can help.
9. Warranties
After undergoing treatment, the "Marshak Clinic" gives a guarantee for 2 years. In case of failure, patient can apply for a second course free of charge.

Also, within 2 years, the patient can ask questions to the attending physician and psychologist.
We pay special attention to the anonymity of our customers for whom this is important. On the territory of the clinic we provide full control, round-the-clock protection no extra people are guaranteed. In addition, to maintain confidentiality, information about treatment and treatment at the clinic will always remain within it.
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Our specialists
Vashkin Dmitry
Head Physician
Medical experience
19 years
Experience in Marshak Clinic
12 years
Movchan Dmitry
Deputy Chief Physician
Medical experience
16 years
Experience in Marshak Clinic
7 years
Aksenova Marina
Scientific adviser
Medical experience
39 years
Experience in Marshak Clinic
19 years
Gevara Leonardo
Head of the VIP department
Medical experience
15 years
Experience in Marshak Clinic
7 years
Recovery efficiency - 75%
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